Cocktail Stand Up Events

Choose 5 items from our finger food menu  AND 3 choices from the noodlebox menu

Finger Food Choices


Peking duck pancakes, hoisin sauce

Smoked salmon betel leaf

Sydney rock oysters, sake, soy, ginger (+$2 per head)

Mini chicken satay skewers in shot glass

Peeled fresh ocean prawn w` Thai chilli mayo (+$2 per head)

Prawn satay skewers served in shot glass


Crispy Asian herb meatballs w` thai style bbq sauce

Vegetarian spring roll w` sweet chilli sauce

Vegetarian curry puffs w` sweet chilli sauce

Thai style fish cakes w` blood orange dressing

Thai-rancini balls stuffed with massaman beef, mozzarella

Salt & Pepper fish w` spicy mayo

Salt & Pepper prawns w` wasabi mayo

Salt & Pepper Squid w` blood orange dressing

Crispy pork and prawn dim sims w` sweet chilli

Pork & Veg spring rolls w` sweet chilli

Prawn spring rolls w` sweet chilli dressing

Rice Paper rolls:

Roasted duck and fresh mango w` hoisin dipping

Chicken satay crispy greens

Poached Coconut chicken, ginger, snowpea

Prawn and crispy greens

Vegetarian, crispy greens, tofu


Pork Belly Bao bun, shallot, cucumber, hoisin sauce

Roast duck Bao Bun, shallot , cucumber, hoisin sauce

Prawn dumplings w` soy dipping sauce

Pork and prawn dim sims w` soy dipping sauce

Ginger & Prawn dumplings w`soy dipping sauce

Vegetarian dumplings w` soy dipping sauce

BBQ Pork buns w` thai chilli sauce

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Noodlebox Choices

Make your own noodlebox

Step 1. Main ingredient:

Chicken, beef, Veg

prawn, seafood, duck ($3 extra pp)

Step 2. Choose your sauce :

Mongolian sauce with Rice noodle or hokkien

Oyster sauce – rice noodles or wheat noodle

Chilli & Basil – rice noodle or wheat noodle

Cashew nut & chilli jam – rice noodle or wheat noodle

Ginger & Coriander – rice noodle or wheat noodles

Step 3. Choose your noodle:

Rice: thin, flat or vermicelli

Wheat: Hokkien or Egg noodle

Can’t decide?

Choose from our popular selection below 

Popular noodle boxes

Pad thai  – (pad thai rice noodle)

Singaporean noodles –  vermicelli rice noodle

Pad see ew – flat rice noodle

Pad ki mao – drunken stir fry – flat rice noodles

Other noodle box favourites: 

Green, red or penang curry with rice – (just select your meat or veg option)

Massaman beef curry with rice

Fish and chip boxes

calamari and chip boxes

Papaya salad

Shredded snowpea and prawn salad ($3 extra pp)